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Compassionate Capitalism
All of these terms are buzz words for a simple concept…..   Investing in a small business when they are still private and have tremendous growth potential, so that the value of that stock creates a multiple on your money when they get sold or go public.

The National Network of Angel Investors is the 4th generation of an angel investor group started in 1994, the Network of Business Acquirers and Investors.  It is made up of angel groups that are forming all over the United States for a singular purpose – to have a direct impact on growing their wealth while increasing the jobs in the market and funding innovation.

Be a part of the Movement.  Be a Compassionate Capitalist.  Be a Venture Catalyst.  Buy the Book - Inside Secrets to Angel Investing.  And when you are ready to start angel investing, you’ll gain exclusive access to screened and vetted entrepreneurial endeavors with tremendous potential.

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May 10th
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February 1st
I’m an economist by training and a capitalist by living.   I have been analyzing and assessing market trends for decades and really became a student of it when I discovered my foray into venture capital and early stage investment markets i…

So what will we do for you? 4 things:

  1. Give you a front row seat to the growth of the National Network of Angel Investors and a founders role in the investor group forming in your area.
  2.  Access to exclusive investment opportunities that are registered as SEC RegD 506c and Reg A+ offerings. 
  3. Send you insights and tips shared by investors and VCs on maximizing the performance of your private investor portfolio.
  4. Provide Inside Secrets to Angel Investing - valuable tools that will educate you and help you be an informed investor. 


Compassionate Capitalism…

def: investing of capital, resources and knowledge into entrepreneurial endeavors to bring innovation to the market to create jobs and create wealth for the founders and investors.