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About Us

The National Network of Angel Investors is the 4th generation of an angel investor group started in 1994, the Network of Business Acquirers and Investors.  Over the many years, the name has changed, the members have come and gone, replaced with new enthusiastic investors, and the focus of the target investment has shifted according to the market conditions and trends.  One thing has remained true.   

High Net Worth men and women join our network because it is safe environment to learn about and explore opportunities to diversify their portfolio by investing in private companies. They see the benefit of helping worthy entrepreneurs launch and grow their companies, and in the process contribute to their community and economy with innovation, jobs, and wealth for all those involved.  They enjoy the relationships that develop with like-minded successful men and women with a common purpose…Compassionate Capitalism.

Our Purpose

Remove the barriers that sophisticated investors face when considering diversifying into private equity investment:

  • Increasing their Financial IQ so they become comfortable with the process and the inherent risks that comes with investing in private companies so they will take action and make the investment.
  • Providing access to qualified deals that are interesting, compelling and provide a reasonable expectation of a return on investment.
  • Mitigating the risk (fear) and investment of time (cost) that so often impedes the investment process when motivated investors like deals, want to invest,  but still do not invest.  This comes from being a part of a community of investors to co-invest and a due diligence portal that grants secure access to the documents you want to see.

To this end, we are creating a community of Compassionate Capitalists – The National Network of Angel Investors -  that participate in our online virtual environment and when possible together in board rooms and clubs in their area to:

“collaborate, learn and prosper”

To create great wealth, generational wealth, you are limited in the ways to accomplish that goal.   The most common way to accomplish this is to start a company that grows big and goes public or is acquired.  The next best way  is to be part of the group of investors that financed that company in the early stages, and gets to see their stock grow in value and appreciate along side the founders, and liquidate to get the return of 5X, 10X even 20X on the initial investment when the founders liquidate, if not sooner.   It is very risky, but aren’t all investments that are designed to give substantial return on investment?

The Future

The National Network of Angel Investors is an informal syndicate of angel groups that have formed all over the United States from sophisticated affluent men and women that are ready to take control of their wealth creation strategy and are seeking to learn investment strategies for finding, validating, and procuring equity in private companies.   They don’t have time to attend monthly meetings to see pitches.  They don’t have time research and verify all the information that they need to ensure the company seeking their investment is legit.  They do want a trusted partner that will gather all the information and verify it, present it in a way that they have flexibility to review the target company information at any time of day, and has the ability to bring other  angels investors and investor groups to the table so their investment is not alone.

The National Network of Angel Investors (NNOAI) is both virtual and geographic.  It is built from sophisticated investors looking to align with an investor group based on specific interests or within as specific geography.  Individually and as their group grows, they enjoy membership in the National Network of Angel Investors to co-invest and share their opportunities with other investor groups.  Joining in an investment with a group with potential for many other investors increasing the likelihood that the company the want to invest capital, resources, and expertise into, will get all that they need from the community to succeed.

They will have access to better deal flow that they may not know about if they rely solely on the opportunities within their community.  They will save time because they will only see deals that have been thoroughly reviewed and validated.  Their risk is less than start up stage investment because the companies that will be offered will have already received their initial round, have product fully developed and in the market, and revenues.

NNOAI’s predecessor Network of Business Angel & Investors (NBAI) emerged from the implosion to become one of the most active investor groups in the Southeast, and being named one of the top 50 angel groups in the US by Inc Magazine.  NNOAI will grow nationally and soon become a dominant force in the world of Angel Investing.

As we get to know one another and we can verify your level of sophistication and readiness to make strategic investments in private companies, we will provide access to the secure web portal for the qualified early stage deals being managed by our parent company; Kugarand Capital Holdings.   You will be given secure login access to select deals that are ready for investment.

Currently there is no cost to join, simply optin and sign up to begin receiving information.