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Kugarand Capital Holdings, LLC comes from a rich legacy of investor support services, entrepreneur development, and deal making. LEARN MORE  We are committed to continuing our success in cultivating investors, preparing and coaching entrepreneurs, and creating environments for motivated sophisticated investors to connect with qualified private investment opportunities.

With the changes in regulation related to the use of the internet and other means of communication to promote a business investment opportunity, we saw an opportunity to educate a whole new generation of investors that had the means to invest and the sophistication to understand the complexity of this type of investment, but previously had been sheltered from these types of investments or had not been as active because the time needed to evaluate a deal and go through due diligence was just too much.  

We will provide access to investment opportunities that are approved to raise capital through a REG D 506c offering.  To provide save you the time and expense of conducting due diligence on your own, these opportunities will have the following standards for your investment consideration:

  1. Business Plan Review for relevance, feasibility, and accuracy.
  2. Legal or regulated Broker  review of organizational and capital formation documents.
  3. Financial review of prior financial statements and future forecast
  4. Background check for criminal and financial history
  5. Validation of intellectual property claims
  6. Validation of vender contracts and customer contracts

We have partnered with a secure documents management site that will help us ensure our work with these companies and their solicitation of capital remains SEC compliant.  To invest in a company raising capital as a 501c exempt offering, the investor must provide proof that they are accredited, either personally or through a legal or CPA representative.  Initially you will simply assert in the traditional manner, your "yes", to gain access to the basic information about a company - Company intro video, executive summary and overview of terms of investment.  When you are ready to begin due diligence, you will complete the accredited investor approval process.   After you have been approved you will not need to complete the process again for future deal consideration.

To see a sample of how the virtual deal room will work, please click here and enter "money" as the userid and password.  Please keep in mind that this is a shell of a dummy company and the companies we provide access to will have more content to help you understand the merits of the potential investment opportunity.

To learn more about the companies we are working with and to gain access to the actual Deal Room, please email us at Karen @ kugarandholdings.comPlease put in the subject head of your email:   More info on deal room, please.

We look forward to working with you to bring innovation to market, create jobs, and create wealth.


Karen Rands