Career Transitions: Interview Thomas Ellsworth, author of The Rat, the Race & the Cage & MORE!

Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist will interview two leading experts in the field of helping successful people make career transitions that move them into fields and roles they can love. Whether you or someone you know has had to make a career change out of desire for something different or were forced to make a change as a result of a right-sizing or closing of a company, you will benefit from listening to the insights offered from these two expert guests.

A core topic we will cover is when does it make sense to stop being an employee and to start being a boss. First up will be Thomas Ellsworth, author of The Rat, The Race, and The Cage Tom will share his insights into how high achievers can make career transitions to get to a place that they LOVE what they do, whether that is to a new job or to become an entrepreneur.

Also, joining us will be Jim Duepree of DBM (Drake, Beam & Morin Jim will share the insights gained from working directly with executives in transition as his firm helps them determine whether to pursue a similar career in their chosen field or find fulfillment from starting or acquiring a business. With unemployment at its recent highest levels this is a timely topic and listeners will gain insights about the following: -Cities where jobs are hot now and the best fields to be in -How to identify your workplace personality and build a Personal Career Compass -How to transfer your existing professional skills to a new industry -How to build a career “back-up plan” -How to determine if you should start a business or acquire a company -How to bring passion back to what you do Join us and tell others to turn in for this show.

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