Protect Your Wealth through OffShore Accounts & Trusts.

America is fertile ground for entrepreneurs to take innovative ideas from concept to reality.  Investors seek these opportunities to increase their wealth by investing in these innovative companies before they go public or become big profitable companies that get bought by equity funds or other companies.  Most of these affluent individuals do not realize that they can become subject to the same risks and liabilities as the founders of the company.  Even Board of Directors are sometimes the target of frivolous, greed based law suits.

America is also the fertile ground for most lawsuits against corporations and their largest share holders, founders, executive team and board of directors.   Insurance is not enough to protect that company and insulate the investors and directors.  The mere success of the company can create a dangerous environment of becoming a target for lawsuits. America is a litigious society.  Disgruntled inexperienced share holders, former employees, and dissatisfied customers have potential to seek compensation through a lawsuit that could impact the value of the company, your personal wealth and the intellectual property you think is beyond reach.  Traditional measures of corporate liability, errors & emissions, key man insurance – are simply not enough if you haven’t taken specific measures to protect those assets.

Listen to this podcast to hear from the premier expert in this field for protecting your wealth and your assets from frivolous lawsuits.  Kevin Day, founder of Day & Associates, one of the top three law firms in estate planning focused on Asset Protection law and complex high net-worth issues.  Kevin Day is a well respected speaker at business tax planning, estate planning & investment planning conferences throughout the United States and Canada.

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